Your policy

What's covered

What's covered

You will find a summary of key points about the insurance cover provided for your vehicle below, but you will need to read your insurance cover booklet for full details.

Visit Motability's website to download a copy.

What's covered by your policy
  • Loss or damage to your car
  • Accidental damage
  • Fire or theft damage
  • Repair or replacement of glass
  • In-car equipment (such as a radio or CD player) permanently fitted or supplied with the car as standard
  • Adaptations and modifications which are needed and which Motability have agreed to and which we have been informed about
  • Any accessories or tools supplied with the car
  • Replacement locks where keys have been stolen and the theft reported to police
  • Driving your car for voluntary or charitable work, provided you don't receive a fixed regular payment by the organisation
  • Travel to and from your normal workplace.
What's not covered by your policy
Your excess (amount payable by you)

This is usually £100 but may vary depending on the age and experience of the driver. Details are given in your agreement and in your insurance policy document. If your car needs to be repaired you must pay the excess for each individual incident before the repair starts.

A £50 excess will apply if you need to have your windscreen replaced, rather than repaired. In most cases you will be expected to pay the excess before your windscreen is replaced.

Loss of keys

If you lose your keys you will be responsible for the cost of any replacement keys and, if necessary, any replacement locks.

Personal belongings

The policy does not provide cover for personal belongings e.g. Wheelchairs, coats and mobile phones.

Non-standard equipment or modifications

This means any optional extras, audio or other equipment fitted to the car, which are not essential to enable you to use the vehicle. If you have fitted essential equipment without the agreement of Motability and RSAM, this will not be covered.

Damage to the interior of the car

Damage to the interior including rips, stains and burns to the trim, are not covered and may need to be repaired at your own cost. You do not need to make any repairs to damage which is due to fair wear and tear.

Driving other cars

You are not covered to drive any other vehicle unless it has been provided or approved by us or Motability Operations.

Unauthorised and uninsured drivers

Only the named drivers shown on your Certificate of Motor Insurance are covered to drive. Other drivers, not on the certificate, are not allowed to drive your car. Even if they have fully comprehensive insurance which provides cover to drive other cars, they are not covered to drive your car. You may be held responsible for any loss or damage that occurs when someone not named on the policy is driving. Also, you may not be able to lease another car through Motability.