Windscreen and windows

A chipped windscreen doesn't have to spoil your day.

Person fixing a windscreen

Chips or cracks to your windscreen are covered in your lease. They can be repaired by Autoglass without affecting your insurance. You’ll just need to confirm you are a Motability Scheme customer and show your Certificate of Motor Insurance.

For repairs to damage caused on or before 31 August 2023, please read on.

For repairs needed from 1 September 2023, please visit the Motability website.

Windscreen and windows repair

If your windscreen or windows need repairing or replacing, call Autoglass on 0300 037 9944 or book a repair online.

Sunroof damage

If you have a glass sunroof and it is accidentally damaged, please contact us for advice.

0300 037 3737

Calls may be recorded and monitored.

What you can expect to happen if...

Your glass has a small chip

In most cases, if a chip is smaller than the size of a pound coin, Autoglass can perform a specialist repair rather than completely replacing the glass.

Your glass has a large chip or crack

It's possible for larger chips or cracks that your windscreen may need replacing, particularly if the damage is in the driver's line of vision.

Your glass needs replacing

Left untreated, damaged glass can get worse, so act quickly. If glass needs replacing, you'll need to pay a £50 excess.

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS)

Most modern vehicles include technology that improves their safety and assists the driver. It works by having cameras or sensors fitted behind the windscreen glass.

If your vehicle has this technology, the cameras or sensors will need calibrating after replacing the windscreen. This will involve a visit to an Autoglass centre so they can complete the calibration. Autoglass will arrange this with you we will cover the cost.