How to spot a potential scam

It's possible that at some point we have all been the target of a potential fraudster or scammer. They are very persuasive so it's no wonder people get tricked by them.

Woman talking on a phone

Their aim is to get important financial details from us so we need to be on our guard.

Keeping you safe

We want to keep you and your data safe from potential fraudsters and scammers. To do this, RSA Motability will never phone, text or email you to ask you for payment. Our Customer Services teams will always write to you first and ask you to phone them if any payment is due.

How we issue refunds

If you are due a refund from us, such as repayment of an excess, we will always write to you first. We'll ask you to phone our office to arrange payment. Always check the telephone number you are being asked to call with previous correspondence received from us or alternatively the number on your policy documents.

Checking your details

Our advisors may ask you for your postcode or first line of address. This is to ensure they’re speaking to the correct person before discussing your lease. They will never contact you for any bank or building society account details. So if anyone calls you to ask for your account number or password do not give it to them.

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